Todd Terry & PROJECT89 Tee’s Difference

Tee’s Difference por Todd Terry & PROJECT89 descargas mp3

Tee’s Difference

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Todd Terry & PROJECT89

2 Temas | 10:33 min
Lanzado 2017-09-11 bajo Armada Subjekt
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Release Description

House music in its most delicious form, ‘No Difference’ marks another swell team-up on Armada Subjekt. Laced with the signature sounds of Todd Terry and PROJECT89, this track is sexy, rousing and a full-fledged floor-filler

Información del Lanzamiento: "Todd Terry & PROJECT89 - Tee’s Difference", ," lanzado 2017-09-11 bajo Armada Subjekt ,EAN/UPC8718522162381/


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