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John Dahlbäck was born in 1985 in a small village not too far away from Stockholm, the Swedish capital. Since everyone in his family was in some way involved with music, it was no surprise when John started making his own. By playing around with his fathers Atari computer, John learned the basics and after several changes in setup he finally found his sound. First demo went out at the age of 15 without any luck, but the second demo did pretty good. With a track out on Route 33 and his first 12″ out on Deep4life, John was heading for the big league. After "Music So Sweet" the releases kept coming, and Johns first label was born together with cousin Jesper. As Hugg & Pepp, the cousins have established a worldknown superduo. So the releases got more and more and John started to become qui... Biografía | leer más

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Topsellers By...

Topsellers By...

John Dahlback

1 Temas | 345 veces escuchado
Publicado 2011/12/07
MP3 320kbs  $1.49*
John Dahlbäck Top Selling 10

John Dahlbäck Top Selling 10

John Dahlback

1 Temas | 239 veces escuchado
Publicado 2011/02/23
MP3 320kbs  $1.29*


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