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Daniel Portman was born and raised in Zurich’s (Switzerland) city suburbs. He fell in love with electronic music at a very young age. It was nevertheless in the late 90s, with all its ups and downs, that young Daniel began to test his musical abilities on an Akai2000 sampler and his old sequencer. After a long ride of experimentation, he ended up producing out of his bedroom. Optimistic that the sounds produced would make him famous he approached various record companies only to be turned away. So Daniel went back to his small bedroom studio, and made another bunch of tracks. Regardless, in the bottom of his heart, Daniel knew that his direction and future would lie in music production.. In 2006 he met Chris Reece, label owner of Unreleased Digital. All the years spent in his ... Biografía | leer más

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Best of Daniel Portman May 2013

Best of Daniel Portman May 201..

Daniel Portman

8 Temas | 316 veces escuchado
Publicado 2013/05/16
MP3 320kbs  $11.72*
Best Of Daniel Portman

Best Of Daniel Portman

Daniel Portman

5 Temas | 251 veces escuchado
Publicado 2012/02/23
MP3 320kbs  $7.25*
Best Of 2010 Charts By...

Best Of 2010 Charts By...

Daniel Portman

5 Temas | 247 veces escuchado
Publicado 2010/12/08
MP3 320kbs  $7.05*


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