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Dennis Ferrer

Right place, right time. It's an old cliché, but it's one that's been the definition of Dennis Ferrer's musical career. Just as the dance music world was heading into the world of afro-centric house, Ferrer was there. And then, when it bega..

tech house , soulful house

Mathew Jonson

Vancouver B.C.'s own Mathew Jonson has built a solid reputation over the past few years through his participation in the Modern Deep Left Quartet, Cobblestone Jazz and by various productions under his own name. His forays into Jazz, house, ..


As a nine year old boy, I gave up the soccer (wich I sucked at) for singing at a kids choir. In a massive studio built in an old church in Veenendaal (Holland) we recorded albums for kids such as Christmas songs and the kids for animals pro..

Mike Candys

In 2008, he became widely known in Switzerland with the song La Serenaissima. In 2009, Candys found success after collaborating with Jack Holiday in a remix of the Faithless song Insomnia, which reached the top 10 in various European single..

Basement Jaxx

Everybody knows that dance music is in trouble. The DJs are too old, the clubs too lazy, the promoters too greedy and the beats too tired. But everybody also knows that they still want to dance. They just need music that surprises and excit..

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